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All of these tips will help you save both time and money when it comes to making One Dish Dinners!

flat freeze thumb How To

Flat Freezing

homemade bread crumbs thumb How To

Homemade Bread Crumb…in minutes!

1h55m How To

When to Add Rice to the Slow Cooker

pasta to slow cooker thumb How To

When to Add Pasta to the Slow Cooker

marinating chicken thumb How To

Marinating and Batch Grilling

meal plan one dish dinners How To

Strategic Meal Planning and Cooking Plans

warming soup bowls 199x300 How To

Warming Soup Bowls

all clad stockpot How To

Ziplist Recipe Organization and Shopping List Tool

slow cooker one dish dinners 300x201 How To

Slow Cooker Batch Freezing

skillet pasta tips 300x200 How To

Cooking Pasta in a Skillet Dinner

Other One Dish Dinner Tips and Tricks…


5 Responses to How-To

  1. Bridget S says:

    I will be making the southwest mac and cheese…sounds delicious!

  2. Brenda says:

    I will be trying your curried quinoa with chicken & peas. This sounds s awesome…thanks for your site!

  3. Amber A. says:

    I will be trying the loaded potato frittata. I love your $5 dinner website and I am even more excited about this site. I am the mother to a 4 year old and I going back to school. I love having affordable, freezer friendly meals my husband can reheat.

  4. Elaina Gray says:

    I want to try the loaded potato frittata.

  5. billie says:

    thank you for all your work

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