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Ham and Potatoes Saute with Baked Eggs

For those here from the Costco Meals post, welcome to my One Dish Dinners site. Stick around and check out the other recipes. A note about this recipe, ham is not on the Costco list because they don’t sell it … Continue reading

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One Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oh help me now. It’s really not good how easy this is. And it’s really not good how simple the cleaniup is. This is really just not good. In fact, it’s so not good…that I couldn’t not keep it from … Continue reading

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Orange Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

I’ve been itching to make a stir-fry for weeks. I love them because they are so flavorful. And easy. And quick. And make your house smell like your favorite Chinese dive. (As long as you get the rice cooking in … Continue reading

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Lisa’s Chicken and Stuffing Skillet Dinner

Several weeks (probably months…because I’ve completely given up on keeping track of time…because life is just moving so fast…and I’m trying to slow it down as much as I can so I can enjoy the little people in my life!) … Continue reading

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Cooking Pasta in a Skillet Dinner – One Dish Dinners Tips and Tricks

When it comes to one dish dinners, some of my favorites to make are skillet dinners. A 12″ deep skillet makes just the right amount for our family…even leaving leftovers at times. To get a full meal into the skillet, … Continue reading

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