Warming Soup Bowls

Do you warm your bowls when having soup?!

There was frost on my neighbor’s roof this morning. Which means there was frost on our roof. Which means that the temps had to have dropped into the 3os. Which makes me want to cry.

(Not a winter, cold weather person here.)

But what this weather does make me want to do…make a big batch of hearty, tummy filling, soul warming soup!

But keeping the soup at just the right temperature is essential. Not the burn your tongue kind of temperature, but the temp that’s just right in your mouth and warms you up your insides. I have found that temperature is best achieved and maintained when the bowls are warmed in the oven before being filled with the delicious soup.

I warm our oven safe soup bowls by putting them on my ceramic pizza stone in a slow oven (200 degrees) for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I take them out and place them onto a side plate, serve up the soup and transfer the plate and bowl to the table to enjoy. Then I toss and turn the soup, soaking in the aromas and thinking about how delicious it will taste once its cool enough to enjoy.

The warmed bowls help keep the soup at that perfect temperature…so you’re last few bites aren’t cold and dissatisfying.

(Note: I do not warm the kids’ bowls. They will get warmed bowls when they are older.)

Do you warm your bowls before having soup? What method have you found works best?

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