When to Add Rice to the Slow Cooker – One Dish Dinners Tips and Tricks

1h55m When to Add Rice to the Slow Cooker   One Dish Dinners Tips and Tricks

A common question I hear about one dish dinners, slow cookers and rice is…

When Do I Add the Rice to Slow Cooker So It Doesn’t Turn Out Mushy?!

Add the rice to the slow cooker that is cooking on high, when there is 2 hours left in the cooking time. If your slow cooker is set on low, add when there is 2 hours 45 minutes left in the cooking time.

  • If you are cooking a soup or stew and you wish to add rice to make it a one dish soup or stew and not have to dirty another saucepan or rice cooker, then add it when there is 2 hours left in the cooking time. Add hot water or broth if necessary. (See note in next tip about liquid amounts.)
  • If you are making a chicken and rice casserole like dish in the slow cooker, you can add the rice when there is 2 hours left in the cooking time.  You will have to look at the amount of liquid that is in the slow cooker when you add the rice.  If it looks dry, then you’ll want to add some hot water when you add the rice.  Rice works on a 2 to 1 ratio in the slow cooker, 2 cups water to 1 cup rice, just as it does when cooking on the stove top or baking. So if there is about 2 cups of liquid already in the slow cooker, then just add the rice.  If there only seems to be 1 cup, then add in an additional cup of hot water or broth.

This will help keep the rice nice and firm, and perfect for when you are ready to eat.  It will not sit in the liquids all day and won’t have time to get mushy!

Also, You can use your slow cooker as a rice cooker. Simply spray the sides and bottom with a non-stick cooking spray. Add the amount of water plus rice that you’d like to cook using the 2 to 1 ratio (explained above).  If you are using brown rice, add an additional 1/2 cup, or use a 2 1/2 cup water to 1 cup rice ratio. If you wish to season the rice, do so now. Set the slow cooker on high and cook for 2 hours.  Fluff lightly before serving.

What have you found helpful in avoiding the slow cooker rice mush?!

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31 Responses to When to Add Rice to the Slow Cooker – One Dish Dinners Tips and Tricks

  1. I think this tip is good if you are referring to white rice. Brown rice takes a bit longer to cook than white and wild rice even longer than brown.

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  4. Kristy says:

    Perfect! This was just the answer I was Google-ing for! Thank you.

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  7. Christina Landgren says:

    The additional advice on the brown and wild rice was also helpful!

  8. just the info i was after!thanks!!

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  10. Jenn says:

    I think if you soak your brown rice or wild rice first it should be fine to cook in the slow cooker. We add a tablespoon or so of kefir or probiotic yogurt and we soak anywhere from 30 minutes to all day before we cook rice.

    • Brandi says:

      That’s interesting. Why do you soak it in yogurt. I get the adding probiotics, but does it enhance the flavor? Does it taste creamer. Does it soak up the yogurt completely? Do you add the yogurt as well?

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  13. Carla says:

    Thank you so much! This is just what I need and was looking for. The info on brown rice, both info, was just what I was looking for also. I heard that if you soak the brown rice before cooking it, it should act just like white rice.

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  15. Shannon says:

    So…I added 2 cups rice plus 1 cup hot broth (because there was about a cup of liquid remaining) when 2hrs remained on low. Result: really mushy rice… Perhaps my crock pot tends to cook hotter on “low” than other people’s??

    • Lindsey-Star says:

      Shannon, half the liquid of the rice. If you had a cup left, just 2 cups of rice needs to be added, no additional liquid. ?

      • Sarah says:

        It says… Rice works on a 2 to 1 ratio in the slow cooker, 2 cups water to 1 cup rice. Shannon added 2 cups of rice so surely she would have needed 4 cups of liquid? I’d like to know as I’m just about to try it out and don’t want mushy rice lol!

  16. Hey you! says:

    I like it! Redmond 4502 multicooker helps me to cook this unusual meal! It was enough for me just to understand your recipe and I can do it without problems now. I’m going to try it on multicooker grill I believe it would be fantastic!

  17. DrRandy says:

    I added my rice with two hours left to go. When I went to add the beans, as called for by the recipe, 30 minutes before the time was up (so after 90 minutes), my rice was already overcooked. 🙁

  18. Lisa says:

    I cooked brown rice in my crock on high for 6 hrs today in a soup with a lot of liquid and it’s still not cooked while everything else is ready. Any idea what I did wrong?

  19. KennethNeina says:

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  20. Vickie says:

    Can you use Success “boil in the bag” brown rice in a slow cooker?

  21. Stuart Kaufman says:

    Planning on making stuffed cabbage. Usually have the rice & meat mixed in the rolls when I cook it on the stove. Is it possible to do that in a slow cooker, or must the rice be pre-cooked?

  22. will davis says:

    Can I add the beef flavored rice straight to the slow cooker?

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